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Connect Salesforce to your Call Center

Continue the integration processes that already serve you well by adding Salesforce to your existing computer-telephony integration system. CTI-Salesforce integration provides your sales staff with all of your customer's pertinent information the minute that the call comes in. When you implement CTI-Salesforce CRMs, you'll be able to serve your customers faster and more completely while decreasing the duration of calls.

  • Use the same click-to-dial interfaces that you are currently familiar with.
  • Simplify call routing procedures, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Decrease hold times.
  • Immediately let your sales staff know how many times this customer has called.
  • Log and record all calls.
  • Never force a caller to answer the same question twice..
  • Gather call center data on telestaff behavior, call characteristics, and frequency and duration of calls.

By adding computer telephony integration to your Salesforce CRM you improve customer service. For more details of our integration solutions, please call us on 0845 111 0347 for a callback within 15 minutes, or click here to go to our contact form.