PrimaLink: now offering FinancialForce integration services, enhancing on-demand accounting solutions for users

In the world of accounting software applications, few companies stand out more than FinancialForce, a world leader in on-demand accounting SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions designed specifically for Companies of all sizes and types rely on FinancialForce's intuitive, web-based modules to effectively manage, streamline and add full transparency to the accounting process.

FinancialForce utilises Salesforce's Opportunity tab. What happens if you don't? PrimaLink provides integration solutions that allow you to take advantage of FinancialForce modules, regardless of how you use Salesforce. Whether you need FinancialForce to talk to the contract object or another object-even an object that's been custom created for you-we can integrate your software so that Financialforce "goes" where you need it to.

  • One application, many benefits: Personnel within your Finance department can now enjoy the convenience of using one enterprise-level application to manage all their accounting needs.
  • On-demand: Your accounting personnel and users will no longer be restricted to the office environment when accessing this powerful, web-based application. “On demand” means access anywhere, anytime.
  • Save costs and maximise ROI. With just one application to work with for all your accounting tasks, your organization can maximise their return on investment (ROI) in IT spending. With FinancialForce, you not only save on IT expenditures, you save the hassle of managing disparate software applications.

Why PrimaLink?
PrimaLink serves as a critical sourcing solution for FinancialForce, as it is able to design, program, and integrate custom objects and modules for customers with diverse accounting requirements. For example, customers who have multiple discounting plans associated with each of their services or have sophisticated contract templates with more than one price entry will require a solution for automatically generating invoices within This is where PrimaLink comes in. PrimaLink enables end-users to generate invoices based on custom objects within or outside of the default Opportunities tab, increasing their productivity without having them resort to specialised, third-party software.

“In combining PrimaLink’s programming flexibility with FinancialForce’s robust and widely distributed platform, we are able to deliver a cost-effective, on-demand application for users― one that meets their diverse accounting needs while eliminating the investment of additional accounting packages.”

Enhance on-demand accounting with our integration solutions for FinancialForce and Salesforce. Please call us on 0845 111 0347 for a callback within 15 minutes, or click here to go to our contact form.