Collaborate with Google Docs

If you're already using Google Docs to collaborate with your colleagues, you'll need an integration solution that allows you to continue your work from within the Salesforce platform. PrimaLink can integrate Salesforce with Google Docs, allowing your team to instantly collaborate. We integrate Salesforce with all elements of Google Docs so that your data and can be manipulated in real time through your browser.

  • Export Salesforce reports to Google Spreadsheets.
  • Utilize your Salesforce data to create mail merge documents in Google Docs.
  • Collaborate on contracts and proposals in real time.
  • Create surveys and forms in Google Docs, gather the information through Gmail, and instantly analyze the results with Salesforce's analytical tools.
  • Attach your Gmail to your Salesforce opportunities and contacts screens so you can access your email communications with your customers from within Salesforce.

Collaborate with colleagues and customers using Google Docs within Salesforce CRM. For more information, please call us on 0845 111 0347 for a callback within 15 minutes, or click here to go to our contact form.