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air energi

Graeme Lewis, Group Director, Air Energi

Air Energi is a Global Manpower services company operating exclusively in the oil and gas sector. With an HQ in Manchester they also have regional offices in Doha, Singapore, Brisbane and Houston. They provide project management teams for oil operating companies on some of the planet's most prestigious development projects. With a turnover of around $250m Air Energi is recognised as one of the fasted growing privately owned companies on the FTSI 100.

Representing what they describe as, a 'particularly challenging global requirement,' involving a 'managed multi level sales effort', Air Energi were looking for a salesforce development partner who could assist them with customised Dashboards and Reports

There were three main reasons why they decided to use PrimaLink

  • PrimaLink's speed of response.
  • PrimaLink's quick and comprehensive grasp of Air Energi's complex business model – “I was frankly surprised by their ability to grasp the essentials of our business and the market we were selling into,” Graeme Lewis, Group Director at Air Energi.
  • PrimaLink's ability to add functionality to salesforce. For example during our analysis we noticed that they were re-inputting salesforce information into another system. We explained the time saving potential of salesforce API and soon convinced Air Energi to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition.

The result?

A powerful bespoke CRM system including the all important partner portal - delivered on time and on budget.

“PrimaLink is an outstanding company in terms of it's development.”

In the words of Graeme Lewis:

  • “First and foremost they are a company I trust. Trust built on delivery. Each time we've asked PL to do something they've done it and done it on time, and have kept us abreast of deadlines all the way through.
  • PrimaLink make the intellectual effort to spend the time to understand what we do and the market we operate in. That's not easy.
  • As a global company we've requested PrimaLink to attend meetings at various odd times of the day and night and they've been more than willing to do so. They have really become part of Air Energi development team.
  • Those are the reasons that I think they are a super outfit.”