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Delta Trade Finance

Jonathan Parfitt, Director of Operations & Risk , Delta Trade Finance

Delta Trade Finance is the established market leader in the provision of supply chain finance, supporting trade from China and other emerging markets to OECD countries. Working at senior level with Government agencies, industry associations, credit insurers and credit reference agencies, they have a close working knowledge of the key trends and industry dynamics that shape the commercial landscape in China.

DTF required a system that would enable them to accurately and securely calculate and charge fees on their financial transactions.

PrimaLink – an obvious choice

Our experience in, and understanding of the finance market made us an obvious choice as a development partner. We didn't let our expertise get in the way of us making sure that we clearly understood DTF's business model. Many hours were spent in close consultation with DTF making sure that the project was defined accurately and in detail.

PrimaLink – we couldn't have done it without them

Building on the flexibility and security of Salesforce we quickly and cost effectively developed and delivered a successful finance CRM solution.

Rather than us telling you how the project went let's hear what Jonathan Parfitt, Director of Operations & Risk at Delta Trade Finance has to say....

Says Colin Rogers, Commercial Director: "Of all the people we saw as potential implementers of the project, PrimaLink were the ones who gave us most confidence."

"PrimaLink worked extremely hard – very long hours. They were fantastic all the way through the job. They were incredibly supportive and delivered on time and within budget." He continues...."Our shareholders who were supporting the business were very pleased with PrimaLink's input – we couldn't have done it without them."

Thanks Jonathan – it's a pleasure working with you too.