About Us
Our Process

The road to bad design is paved with good intentions. But the reality is this: if your Salesforce CRM doesn't work for you in practice, then all the good intentions in the world don't mean a thing.

Over the years, PrimaLink has developed collaborative practices that you can rely on. Our customer-driven philosophy ensures that the solution we develop for you will actually work for you, now and in the future.

How do we do this?

It all starts with a meeting. Once you decide that you want to customise Salesforce CRM, our developer and senior business analyst meet with you and determine how we can help you solve your business challenges. We formulate our ideas and then meet with you again-this time, with a full-blown presentation. You tell us what you think. Then we refine our ideas and develop a visual mockup of your entire system. When you're satisfied with the mockup, we go to the next step: the prototype. Again, we get your feedback and make necessary changes.

After this intensive planning process, the actual development process is a cakewalk. After the pre-launch meeting, we set up a beta launch, so that your users can actually get their hands on the software. We meet with your users, gather their comments, and discuss them with you. We look at their concerns and advise you of your options, ensuring that your needs, your budget, and any other factors important to your company are taken into consideration.

We don't proceed with the roll-out until the beta period has been fully utilised. We provide training throughout the roll-out period and offer a sales support warranty that will allow you to continue to receive our support after we've left the premises.

We're not finished until you're satisfied-that's the PrimaLink promise.