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Perfect Info

Paul Acott, Commercial Director, Perfect Info

Perfect Information (PI) was established in 1991 to provide workflow solutions and global financial information for the top 100 investment banks, brokerage firms, consultancies and the top 75 law firms.

Though they already ran a Salesforce CRM system there were a number of key areas that were under-performing and needed creative input. For example, the integration of disparate legacy systems and services.

System integration

PI wanted to streamline the way their sales and support interacted and pull all that information together to provide a simple interface for each of their users. A more integrated approach that would enable them to monitor what their customers are using and flag that into Salesforce.

The PrimaLink approach

PI's core business is dealing with their clients. They didn't want to get bogged down with an organisation that forced then to work in a certain way – they needed the flexibility that would allow then to focus on their own business and their own customers whilst we were getting on with the project. Working in the background, we were as unobtrusive as we were effective.

PrimaLink - A can do attitude

We took the headaches away, meeting everyone at PI and talking in detail about the requirements they had and the vision that they had. This research and crystal clear analysis of PI's requirements enabled us to provide an exciting prototype that proved the cornerstone of their finished system.