CRM solutions for Publishing and Media

Here at PrimaLink we have plenty of experience with CRM solutions for Publishing and Media companies. We recognise the rapid growth in the Media and Publishing sector and how this has caused greater competition for online advertising.

The aim of PrimaLink's Media and Publishing CRM solution is to build products that work together, sharing an integrated database, so that our customers can efficiently track their customers and manage publications and events. This helps to easily identify and maintain loyalty of your most profitable customers thus maximising profit. To simplify this, our CRM solution automates your product database allowing Accounts Executives and Sales and Marketing departments to manage complex relationships with their most important clients and share data on important accounts. With PrimaLink's Media and Publishing CRM solution you can:

  • Track Relationships between Clients, Agencies & their Media buyers
  • Track your company's activity, interaction & communication
  • Shorten sales cycles through effective management and assessment of opportunities in your sales pipeline

Benefits of PrimaLink's Media and Publishing CRM solutions are listed as follows:

Advertising Management

Effective advertising requires effective advertising research. You need to find the right sectors of the consumer market that are most likely to positively respond to your business. This means collecting plenty of data so to enhance your marketability. With PrimaLink's Media and Publishing CRM solution you can:

  • Maintain an integrated client and prospect database
  • Provide detailed reports for Sales, Production and Accounting
  • Analyse Business Trends
  • Provide Detailed Forecasts

Book Publishing

Whether your clients are visitors to your website, corporate or special sales you need to know who they are, what they are buying and ultimately how to sell them more. We help you centralise all your clients' records into one database so you can quickly find the right product for the right customer. Our solution offers improved management of publishing information including:

  • You will be able to utilise simple, easy to use order entry screens where you can inspect product descriptions, customer order status, transaction history, invoices and more. This will significantly speed up sales
  • All information including work orders and contracts are centralised and displayed for instant review and detailed reporting. This will include reports on job progress, scheduling, timesheets, and purchase orders
  • Our system provides easy to use software that allows you to compute, track and control royalties much more efficiently. You can also view optional subsidiary rights, including payment terms, receipt information and rights information
  • Easily get at product and customer information and construct campaigns accordingly in order to enhance effort productivity
  • Quick, detailed, entry and inquiry screens allow more efficiency and more sophisticated reports including comparisons and profit analysis


Good circulation management is the key to successful publishing. Effective running of circulation databases drive advertising revenues and market share and reduce costs in one go. PrimaLink's Media and Publishing CRM solution system is designed to manage all aspects of in-house subscription. This involves:

  • Customer service and order entry
  • Label runs and edition splits
  • Campaign and list management
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Accounting and e-commerce


You can quickly view progress over all aspects of your event and navigate through the software to see any level of transaction detail. Our trade show and conference clients can manage multiple events from a common front end database. Everything from:

  • Sales contact management to floor plan
  • Show logistics to reporting
  • Accounting to invoicing

Directory Management

Our directory management module is an all in one program that allows you to easily manage content creating listings, layouts and placement accessing all hierarchal levels. The software is totally user defined and includes:

  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited sortation options
  • On-line updates through the web
  • Ability to sort for category types such as geographically, demographically, by product type or manufacturer

Membership Management

The software can automatically detect if a person is part of a membership, saving time by not having to manually search and locate a member's benefits for discounts or marketing interests for upsell. It also handles essential functions such as:

  • Membership renewals
  • Member discounted purchases
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • User defined marketing campaigns and analysis
  • Maintain prior, current, and future year membership data