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PrimaLink makes the versatility of Salesforce work for you

Salesforce provides companies with an all-in-one system to manage sales, marketing, reporting and administration. PrimaLink helps companies customize Salesforce to their exact needs so that every process and workflow can be tailored using the right data and the right look and feel.

Plus PrimaLink can link solutions to your other critical business systems including accounting software and suppliers. PrimaLink will also help you import data into Salesforce CRM in a format that can be easily used for reporting and decision making.

Integrate with your telephony system with Salesforce CRM to unlock even more efficiency. Customer service agents can instantly see contact and account details when your customers call. You can also set up your dialer to generate out bound telesales campaigns.

Salesforce can integrate with over 80 of the most popular phone systems and PrimaLink has the expertise to make sure your system is configured correctly.

Create more time for selling with Salesforce
Customsing Salesforce with PrimaLink will free up time for your sales staff to sell more effectively and for your customer service representatives to focus on providing great service.

For instance Salesforce CRM Sales allows you to create customer sales processes for all sales staff to follow. In addition every piece of information about a Lead, Account or Contact can be accessed in one place so that everyone has a complete view of the customer-anytime, anywhere.

The right leads can be sent to the most suitable sales people with the relevant skills to close deals in your sectors.

You can also easily synchronize Salesforce CRM with your Microsoft Outlook address books, calendars and other packages such as IBM Lotus Notes.

Let PrimaLink create a visual interface in tune with your brand

PrimaLink's development team will use the most relevant programming languages to customize your Salesforce experience including Java, VB.NET, C++ and .NET.

The versatility of Salesforce means PrimaLink can integrate it with most applications and systems easily, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and other third-party solutions. Other web based information can also be manipulated to create mash-ups for example using Google Maps or the power of Google Apps.

Capture leads from any source - no more data rekeying

Web based sales leads can automatically be captured in Salesforce so your team doesn't have to rekey data. Plus Salesforce lead management module lets you carry out the following powerful tasks

  • Set up rules for lead routing so that the right salesperson gets the right lead every time
  • Set up agreed values to rate the lead status and quality
  • Lead tracking and audit trail of changes to leads over time to give you control and accountability for your business
  • Security Levels - set levels of access so that employees are only able to access the areas, information and applications they need to do their job effectively
  • Keep everything about a sales deal in one place, all the contacts, history and changes can be accessed whenever anyone in the organisation needs it

Salesforce Sales pipeline analysis helps your business know what volume and size of pipeline sales opportunities which are due to close at any given time. This enables forward planning to ensure that sales targets are always monitored to flag up any early warning signs for deals not met.

Bring in product and service information as part of Salesforce and tailor it to specific sales deals. Share knowledge and information by being able to search for previous similar sales deals With Salesforce you have fast access to all your Account information in one place. All the Contacts related to that Account, Account history, documents and up-dates. Set access levels to assign teams, roles, tasks and event as part of Account management.

PrimaLink extends the power of Salesforce Marketing
The powerful out-of-the box reports that come with Salesforce Marketing can be customized further by the PrimaLink team. PrimaLink can create reports with the exact data and visual appeal you need for reporting, decision-making and influencing at the highest levels.

Plus your data and reports can be accessed remotely and when your teams are on the move from devices including iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile.

PrimaLink can help integrate your marketing campaigns with Salesforce to track click to lead to conversion. Connect Salesforce with your Google Adwords account to pull in lead source, campaign and keyword data immediately. Automate website lead capture with customised landing pages. Set up auto response emails from Salesforce based on customer enquiries.

PrimaLink can also help you create branded email templates to manage and track personalised email campaigns right from Salesforce.

Let PrimaLink fine tune your Salesforce Social Media Toolkit
Salesforce can easily connect with social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. With PrimaLink's help you can use Salesforce for Facebook to introduce conversation to your website.

Create your own interactive community with Salesforce where customers can share ideas and vote on the best ones. Enable site users to provide feedback, comments and vote on the quality of your site content. PrimaLink can help you create online forums and knowledge bases so that customers can access the information they need to answer queries quickly and accurately.

Call PrimaLink today to start your Salesforce success journey.