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Phil Dunseath, Ecommerce Director, The Retail Factory

The Retail Factory is the UK's number one online supplier of retail and office supplies. We worked with them on the provision of a brand new ecommerce platform - a new system that needed to be scalable and suitable for future business growth.

Working first time – every time

TRF needed a robust solution that would be easy to use and work well in a live environment. Sage integration was essential to automate accounts administration and free up the accounts team to focus their energies on more productive aspects of the business.

Dynamic development

Development was dynamic with plenty of rapid layout, usability and functionality enhancements during beta testing. Our flexible and agile approach and the fact that we are anything but a 9 to 5 type agency using remote technology such as Skype and GoTo Meeting to resolve things quickly meant that we were able to deliver a first rate system with the minimum of fuss.

Industry leading search

TRF had noted serious flaws in their existing site search and identified Google Mini as a potential solution. As their technology partner we helped them develop a market leading search system generating not only relevant results but priority product results that can be tailored for individual customers.

Understanding the new system

It was essential that users adopted the new scheme. We worked closely with TRF to make sure that users found the system efficient, easy to use and intuitive. We ran lengthy training sessions to help users properly understand the new system and worked hard to take on board and implement feedback.